International Student Housing

“On-campus housing is a relaxing, safe, and fun environment for students to call home while attending Belleview.”

Housing Information

Our facilities include a separate boys’ and girls’ house where students live with roommates and an American host family.  The host family provides the students with meals, activities, supervision, support, and much more! The host families are also vetted and exceed our high standards for excellence.

Students will have 24-hour access to staff members for any of their needs. On-campus housing is a relaxing, safe, and fun environment – students are able to have the experience of living with a host family as well as with students of many different cultures.

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I spent three of the four years of my dorm life with my host family. These three years were awesome. We played basketball and soccer together. They also taught me grammar and the Bible. Living with a host family is strongly encouraged. My experience can tell you this is the best way to ensure safety, well-being, and success. Their support enabled me to focus on my studies, confident that my domestic needs were met. Living with the family provided an invaluable, genuine insight into life and some opportunities to improve my English language skills. As a result, I moved with ease and confidence in America.

Chulwoo, class of 2017