Secondary (6-12) Home

We regard our disciplinary program to be an extension of our spiritual philosophy. Our desire and intent is for students to learn certain lifetime core values while here at Belleview.

Key Principles:

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated (Luke 6:31).
  • No one is allowed to keep a teacher from teaching or a student from learning.

The following are some behaviors that reflect character values and expectations that we strive to teach and model at BCS. Students are encouraged to demonstrate these behaviors at all times. Students can earn Merit Awards by practicing the following positive behaviors:

  • Review the Parent/Student Handbook and comply with its terms.
  • Practice honesty, truthfulness, and responsibility.
  • Show respect to parents, faculty, staff, and others.
  • Be obedient and follow directives the first time they are given.
  • Not have cell phones or other electronic devices in class.
  • Be present and on time at the beginning of the day and to each class.
  • Honor the dress code.
  • Bring all necessary materials to class, prepared for daily assignments.
  • Demonstrate respect for chapel speakers and services. Bring your Bibles. Students may not do homework during chapel.
  • Be encouraging. Do not use vulgar or abusive language, personal put-downs, cutting remarks, or obscene gestures. Do not harass or “bully” anyone.
  • Take care of your body. Abstain from tobacco (including vaping and e-cigarettes), alcohol, marijuana, improperly obtained prescription drugs, and controlled substances.
  • Make good choices. Abstain from involvement in or even the appearance of being involved in: immoral activities such as sexual misconduct, pornography, abortion, homosexual acts, occult involvement, lying, cheating, stealing. This includes inappropriate conduct on personal websites such as MySpace and/or blogs of any kind.
  • Respect and follow the dress code.
  • Be pure. Abstain from any public display of affection (e.g. holding hands, embracing, kissing, etc.).
  • Respect property. Clean up after yourself and others. Do not vandalize. No rollerblades, skateboards or scooters on campus. Do not chew gum in the school building.
  • Respect others. Do not throw snowballs or rocks. Do not bring knives or weapons of any kind (whether toy or real), matches, lighters, etc.
  • Practice personal accountability.**

**School-owned equipment i.e. lockers, desks, computers, etc. are subject to random or individualized searches at any time. If a student is suspected of specific wrongdoing, the student may be required to empty his/her pockets, handbag, wallet, or backpack for school personnel. If suspicion involves a substance or object that may injure the student or other students, the search may include a bodily search of the student in the presence of an appropriate adult with the student’s parent. If the student and/or parent does not consent to conducting the search, the student may be subject to withdrawal or expulsion for suspicion of wrongdoing.

Merit Awards for Positive Behavior

Merit Awards recognize students exhibiting positive behaviors such as being courteous, honest, obedient, trustworthy, etc. Any student earning 25 merit awards will receive a special award for positive behavior. Recognizing and encouraging positive behavior generally stimulates more positive behavior. Teachers award various incentives for positive behavior. Incentives may include individual “no homework coupons,” classroom popcorn, pizza parties, etc.  Members of the administration also reward positive behavior they observe either in the hallways or classrooms.