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Belleview is excited about our expanding our
International Program!  As we continue to grow in this program, our international staff is growing in their knowledge and experience, taking ELL expanded training, and more.  Belleview is very passionate about having a diverse student body and community. We are so excited to offer an opportunity for young people around the world to have a successful experience here at Belleview Christian School and in their future endeavors. The success of Belleview students is demonstrated by the college acceptances that our students receive. You can learn more about our program by looking at
our brochure.

Belleview is located in the city of Westminster, CO, just 15 minutes from downtown Denver. It is the historic site of Westminster Castle. The bell tower of the Castle is located on the highest point in the Denver metropolitan area. Our campus has incredible views of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver. International students are able to explore the beauty and history of the area to increase their understanding of our unique culture and heritage. Click here for a list of local attractions, places to eat, and cultural opportunities.

We have partnered with The Cambridge Institute. Students from China, Vietnam, and South Korea and the surrounding areas who are interested in applying to Belleview should apply using the by clicking here. In addition, students may contact either Vivian Luo (China office) or Mathew Tilley (California office) at the Cambridge Institute for enrollment procedures, interviews and more information:

Vivian Luo
Phone contact: +86-028-8500-1568
Email Contact:

Mathew Tilley
Phone contact: 617-749-8013
Email Contact:

We have also partnered with Academic Opportunities in America (AOA). International students interested in attending Belleview can also contact AOA at or 770-675-6864.

You can also contact Karen Burdick (Belleview’s International Student Coordinator):

Karen Burdick
Phone contact: 303-427-5459

International students have the opportunity to improve their English skills quickly while integrating into our college prep classes, usually within a few months. Our staff will take a personal interest in helping them apply and gain acceptance to prestigious universities. Our campus features both female and male on-campus home stays. Our host families take a personal interest in helping students achieve their goals.

Meet some of the leaders of our international staff! Karen Burdick (left) serves as our International Student Coordinator, and Linda Graybeal (right) is our director of ELL (English Language Learners) program. In addition to Karen and Linda, all of our staff members look forward to meeting and serving new students.

We look forward to meeting you, and please contact us if you have any questions about our international program. We look forward to making Belleview Christian School an incredible educational experience in the United States of America.

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