Elementary (K-5) Home

The goal of the Belleview dress code is to ensure that students are dressed in a manner that is clean, neat, conservative and modest.  To enable our teachers to focus on learning rather than policing dress code, we strongly urge parents to help us by purchasing modest non-printed polos, t-shirts, blouses, etc.  We encourage Belleview t-shirts and Christian-themed shirts. Our primary objective is to teach the values of appropriate dress rather than dictating detailed rules.  Students should avoid extremes and practice moderation of any style. The administration retains the right to determine whether an individual student’s appearance meets these qualifications. Students who violate the dress code may be sent to the office to call parents to come and provide a change of clothes.

Students may wear:

  • Regular children’s clothing including jeans and capris.
  • Modest long shorts in August, September, October, April and May, weather permitting.
  • Tennis shoes are strongly recommended as the best shoes for daily school and playground activities. Dress shoes, sandals, and boots are not always practical and can be hazardous.
  • Modest dresses. K-3rd grade girls must wear shorts underneath their dresses.
  • Earrings for girls.

Students May NOT Wear:

  • Caps or hats, sweatpants, clothes that are worn, ragged, sloppy, over-sized, too tight or too baggy, tank tops or crop tops. Pants cannot be sagging or reveal underwear.
  • Any clothing with offensive inappropriate wording (i.e., obscenities, alcohol or tobacco advertisements, dragons, skulls or aliens, etc.).
  • Shirt guideline for girls: the stomach cannot show when arms are raised and the sleeves must have a minimum of 3″ shoulder seams.
  • Spandex bike-riding type shorts.
  • Heelys (wheels in shoes).
  • Body piercing jewelry, pocket chains, earrings for boys.
  • Make-up

Hair: Hair must be clean, neat, conservative and a natural color. Length may not cover the eyes in any style. Mohawks and carving-styled haircuts are not permitted i.e. team logos or other designs. Parents, if your child would like a dramatic hairstyle change, please consult with a school administrator before having it done.

Chapel Dress: Shorts are not permitted on chapel days.