Elementary (K-5) Home

We expect all of our students to demonstrate respectfulness, honesty, kindness, self-control and responsibility. Students who exemplify these character traits—going above and beyond what is expected—may receive “PAWS-itive Points,” which can be redeemed for various prizes.

“No child will keep a teacher from teaching or other students from learning.”

Individual teachers have developed classroom policies compatible with the school’s philosophy. These classroom policies have built-in consequences for both positive and negative behaviors. Prolonged behavior problems will result in loss of privileges such as watching videos, attending parties or going on field trips with the class. Serious behaviors may warrant immediate suspension or expulsion. These situations will be evaluated by the administration.

We regard our disciplinary program to be an extension of our spiritual program. Our desire and intent is for students to learn certain lifetime core values while here at Belleview. Therefore, we have chosen to keep rules to a minimum and strictly enforce them.