Childcare Overview

(Pre-school, Pre-K, & Extended Care) | Monday — Friday | 6:30am — 6:00pm

(Toddler & Toddler Plus) | Monday — Friday | 6:45am — 5:30pm

Our accredited childcare program includes our early education (pre-school and pre-kindergarten classes), extended care, and summer camp.  We offer a full 12-month program for ages 12 months (and walking) through 14. During the school year, we offer full-day pre-school and pre-kindergarten, as well as, extended care for childcare and school-age children.  We have a variety of options available. Our center is state licensed, Colorado Shines rated, and fully accredited by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).

Our early education philosophy can be summed up in a few words:  to lay a foundation for a lifetime love of learning.  Learning is based on developmentally appropriate best practices through use of manipulatives, active learning games, and multi-sensory activities. Teachers encourage, model, demonstrate, give feedback, challenge, question, give assistance, provide information, and give directions. Staff will engage with children, asking questions such as “what if”… and encourage role playing to solve problems with their peers. Activities are available to meet various skill abilities in each classroom. Materials are available to challenge children ready for advancement.

The daily routine allows for an appropriate mix of both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning activities. Child-initiated activities include color sorting and matching, shape recognition and matching, and size and texture recognition through hands-on displays. Staff members assist by giving basic instructions and then follow-up with extra questions as needed, such as, “Why did you place that one there”? or “Do those (colors, shapes, etc…) match with the rest of them”? All of these learning activities develop cognition, enhancing reasoning, concept acquisition and classification, logic, attention, and memory.

Social and emotional development is an important aspect of our program.  Our goal is for children to demonstrate a strong and positive self-concept, appropriate self-control and growth in their awareness of their responsibilities when interacting with others.

Our trained staff will afford your child the opportunity to grow spiritually through the use of Bible stories, songs, and biblical integration in many teachable moments throughout the day. Character development is a top priority woven throughout the curricular offerings.

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