New Student Inquiry Handbooks & Supply ListsForms

The first step toward enrollment is to call and schedule a tour.  An administrator will show you around, answer your questions, and leave you with an information packet, including an application. For students in sixth grade and up, an interview, scheduled at a later date, is required with the student and at least one parent or guardian.  The completed application is brought to the interview.  Students also have the opportunity to “shadow” for a day, allowing them to experience Belleview in the classroom setting.

The following is a checklist for enrollment procedures. Your student(s) will not be officially enrolled until this checklist is complete. Please note: Belleview Christian School does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin. Certain requirements, however, must be met to be considered for admission. 

Please contact our office (303.427.5459) for rates, more information, and to set up a tour of the school.

Please check only items that apply for your student(s).

  • APPLICATION (Return the completed form at scheduled testing date.)
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Preschool – Kindergarten students only.)
  • CURRENT HEALTH STATUS (One form per child.)
  • DISCIPLINE RECORDS (Obtained from previous or currently enrolled school.)
  • EMERGENCY CARD (One card per child.)
  • FIELD TRIP PERMISSION (Form must be notarized, one per child.)
  • IMMUNIZATION RECORDS or SIGNED WAIVER FORM (Obtain from your doctor.)
  • MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION (Use only if child requires medication during school hours.)
  • REFERENCES (6th – 12th grade students only.)
  • SPORTS PHYSICAL (6th – 12th grade student participating in athletics. One form per child.)
  • STUDENT PARKING PERMIT (Students driving to school only.)
  • TRANSCRIPT(S) / REPORT CARD(S) (Obtained from previous or currently enrolled school.)