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“Heading back to work full time after 10 years, I was nervous about how it would affect my youngest who was only 18 months old at the time.  She had never been away from me and I was afraid that she would be heartbroken when I dropped her off.  I have never been so happy to be wrong before.  From the start she was welcomed and loved on by the Toddler room staff; so much so that when her first Saturday arrived after starting school she had her lunch bag in her hand and stood screaming at the door SCHOOL!  Since that time, I have continued to be surprised and impressed with how much my daughter is learning in their care. They have not only taught her academically, but musically and spiritually as well. They have helped her develop independence and given her opportunities to “help” even though I’m sure it actually means more work for them in the long run. These teachers genuinely care for my daughter and I can see it. More importantly, my daughter knows it!” 

 “There is probably a long list that I could write, but what I value can be told in a few words: My children are HAPPY and positive. They like to go to school in the mornings and when I pick them up in the afternoon, they tell me all about their day and they just love it!” 

“I value the teacher-to-student ratio, the Christ-centered curriculum and the commitment to excellence that remains consistent from year to year.”

“I just wanted to note that as a parent, I appreciate the school and its values.  I appreciate the fact that teachers and administrative personnel are conscientious and very helpful.”

“The most valuable aspect of Belleview is the Christ-based education they provide. The students are not only taught Bible education but also how to bring Christian attributes into their lives, not only through curriculum but also by the examples of teachers and administration.”

It’s nice for us as parents to drop our kids off in the morning knowing that the school will help our children during the day and follow through with morals, values, manners and respect for others that we teach our children at home. We love bringing our children to Belleview. It’s a wonderful, caring and loving atmosphere here, and we wish everyone could realize how important it is for our children to get a good education. Keep up the good work!”

We value the quality Christian family atmosphere and the approachability of the staff. They give immediate attention to any of our concerns. And we value the priority of Christian curriculum at Belleview.”

The teachers care deeply about the quality of education that each child receives. They are greatly interested in reaching each individual child and developing their talents but also take the time and respect to understand each child’s weak areas. Through encouragement and their efforts, my children have excelled in areas of interest as well as found pleasure in those not-so-interesting subjects.”

I deeply value the fact that not only is my child learning (exceeding) her educational goals, but she is gaining a knowledge and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“I value the curriculum. Our child’s ability to read is amazing.”

I appreciate the dedicated staff and faculty that truly put the children first. I also value the emphasis on education and the development of Christian values. My kids actually look forward to coming to school.”

“I value the level and content of education my children are receiving here and the importance of Bible used in each subject.”

“I love all my teachers because they teach me with all their energy!” (from a student)


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